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Ten Feature Winners And More

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 7, 2010, 9:52 AM


Here is the feature you all have been waiting for...
Sorry it took so long to put up!
Cameron doesnt give Mommy much computer time lol
The first ten people who commented this journal
won this feature. Your comments were each one word
that defined art to you or described your gallery.
Thanks everyone for playing along. Hope you enjoy!


[[The ten winners]]

You have so much passion for art & nature and your gallery shows it!
Keep up the great work!
goodnight, by iPaintedtheskiesi heart leaves by iPaintedtheskiessomewhere by iPaintedtheskies
UNKNOWN. by iPaintedtheskiesanother one, by iPaintedtheskiesi wish. by iPaintedtheskies

Your photos are beautiful and very inspiring to me!
I hope to keep seeing more and more!
Beautiful Colorado by undercitylights317Alexithymia by undercitylights317Stop and See by undercitylights317Pink Berry Blossoms - OF by undercitylights317
:thumb176283225::thumb176276157:Blooming for Spring by undercitylights317Summer Hollyhocks III by undercitylights317

Your gallery is full of amazing art from your heart and soul!
Keep creating!
Sigh by wowywowNot the lucky ones by wowywowCrime Scene by wowywow
Stability by wowywowPure Love by wowywowDeep Down Under by wowywowLean on I'll be your support by wowywow

Your photography is creative, emotional and beautiful!
I enjoy going through your gallery!
All The Trees. by mysticmoon13HF Photography ID by mysticmoon13Blue Skies. by mysticmoon13
.Giraffe. by mysticmoon13Heart Shaped. by mysticmoon13.Feelers. by mysticmoon13

You put alot of time and hard work into your art and it shows!
Its full of color and creativity!
New identity by SuperferretIXTruffle Turtle by SuperferretIXColours of Autumn by SuperferretIX
Taste the morning by SuperferretIXChp 2 Pg 27 by SuperferretIXChp 2 Pg 03 by SuperferretIXChp 2 Pg 16 by SuperferretIX

Your artwork and photos are full of peace, beauty and tranquillity!
Hope to see more of your nature photography!
dedi to titia by mandalamkerfreedom cells by mandalamkerballlllllllllllllls by mandalamker
malve by mandalamkerthe great mountain by mandalamkerlago003 by mandalamker

Your gallery brings feelings of happiness and creativity!
Keep up the good work!
Mixed Relationship by btwmickeylolTwo Birds by btwmickeylolwater lily by btwmickeylol

Unique beautiful photography fills your gallery!
Keep creating!
Curtin 1 by Deathface-999Neighbor's Away 3 by Deathface-999Garden Residents 4 by Deathface-999
The Lost Keys VI by Deathface-999Fayes Bay by Deathface-999Ben goes to the Zoo IX by Deathface-999

Vocation: a strong impulse to follow a particular activity.
You show you have this about photography in your gallery!

Creativity and beauty is what your gallery is full of!
Im glad you were also able to be included in this feature!
Geology by creativemikeySpeak to Me by creativemikeyEmbryonic by creativemikey
Climb Ev'ry Mountain by creativemikey:thumb180214993:Brainwaves the Visual by creativemikey



you'd think it was Havana by spyder007freeze mid-jump by spyder007:thumb179803528:
My world is spinning by EmmaLoffler:thumb136689824:The orb shines by EmmaLoffler
peppermint by AchelloLily painting by AchelloWhere Devas live by Achello


A Little Feature Full Of Amazing Art

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 23, 2010, 10:39 AM


Featured Deviants:

Your gallery is full of unique beautiful creativity!

Your photography and artwork are one of a kind!
Prueba_Acuarela by NerwenNenharma.:Ancient Portal:. by NerwenNenharma.:Violet Hill:. by NerwenNenharma:thumb161321446:
.:Twisted Building Clouse-Up:. by NerwenNenharmaHorse+ Llama: Pride+ Prejudice by NerwenNenharma.:Looking for Something:. by NerwenNenharma

I love your nature photography!
lighted roses by mysteriousfantasyscreaming sunlight by mysteriousfantasyflower so pink by mysteriousfantasy
young and pink by mysteriousfantasybranch in the clouds by mysteriousfantasyshadowed in the fading light by mysteriousfantasyspring rain by mysteriousfantasy


More Beautiful Features:

y o u n g l i f e by A-jeanOrchide by accessQPrisonner of Time by Abaksigan
:thumb169341748:Striped day.... by MartaCContentment by Dani-the-Naiad
:thumb173576582:Little Blue Flowers by TheTeardropEffectFountains Salute by bigpaganjames
An Opportunity Missed by hougaardSymbols of Atlantis by 7thLibraThe Sea Inside of Me by patu-
GLOW fun 2 by dreadedhippiePumpkin bloom by 4pp73b0tInspiration by AlexBlood
Petite Fleur by filtered-wishcareful by underpillowRainBubble by Rainbows-n-Moonshine
B r e a t h e by SarahJPhotography:thumb128635090:In the spotlight by Kathryn10
Red Rose I by SpringsCrispWinterA Rose is a rose is a rose ... by sweetcatastrophe08:thumb173710652:


End Of Summer Feature

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 21, 2010, 10:52 AM

Hey fellow deviants!!! Hows everyone been??

Ive been great. Mike, Cameron & I just moved into our own 1st apartment!!!!
Cam is almost 6 months old and he is getting so big! He can roll over and almost sit up
on his own and "ma me" (mommy) was his first word!! I love my little family more then anything!
♥  ι ℓσνє мιкє & ¢αмєяση мσяє тнєη αηутнιηg! ♥

Here's a feature to show my appreciation to all of you! I love you DA:]


Sunshine. by Storm-raider:thumb146004649::thumb174736185:I n t e r f a c e by patu-
Kissing in the Grass by imaginary-loreLay beside me under wicked sky by onechristina
cosmo love. by simoendli Bloom II by FrozenStarRocoral pink flowers square. by simoendli
:thumb111779020:love love by JustSayNowGirls kiss by Emmatyan
A Rose Pales by Xandriia1Baby's Grin by NatashaNightmareHe Loves Grass by thriftyredhead:thumb172660677:
Forgotten Romance by Dani-the-NaiadPresence by Dani-the-NaiadYou're Like My Oxygen by Dani-the-Naiad
Kitty In The Grass 11 by LDFranklin:thumb71858467:the Playfull kitten by solagratia
Grass Kisses by ofyore:thumb134791425:Splendor in the Grass by TransientSmile
:thumb50251231:Spring Sky by ahermindroplet 011 by AlexEdg
Obligatory Puppy Photos VI by melaniumomYour sweet Face by DreamEyceAkbash Puppy by crenObligatory Puppy Photos II by melaniumom
eyes full of sunshine by emeraldiris:thumb147883217:Its a hard life by bigbear74
G r a s s :: by pengu82:thumb173054599:after it rains by Zaratops
kitten in the grass by Liiinnea-Acat in the grass. by the-wabbit:thumb176792782:
pink dahlia 5 by Rita-Ria-Stock:thumb180039410:rise by teresa-lynn
Adorable by stevenk89A Mother's Love by prettyfreakjesper:thumb29040521:
I can see the world now.... by PatriciaVazquezIn the Grass by Paranoid-Duckkiecomfy duck by PuckmonkeyTurtle Skxawng by orcafinatic
Baby Sam by ReskiyAidan on Grass by FDLphoto:thumb150852705:
this heartbreak world by RickHaighIntuition by phoenixgraphixstudioSwimming In Air by MarcoHeisler
Love explosion by do0dzNature Magic by whitfiddyYellow, baby by Corvidae65Made to LOVE by IgNgRez



Features, Contests and Updates!!!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 3, 2010, 10:14 AM
Hey deviants!!! I just want to say thank you to everyone who is still sticking
around and supporting me even though im hardly on here anymore.
Its hard to make time for photography with a four month old but im trying.
Heres a huge feature to show my appreciation to all of you! I love you DA!
:thumb70178661:square VII by klitzekleineBamburgh Square by mezzacaine
Mother's Love by adeb1113:thumb101756535:Family by mhackett
Just Hanging There by Birthstone:thumb159588953: Dew Drop Refraction 17 by Alliec Sokolica by RaVeN-82
la banca by littlehippy114Branch Out by FlippinPhil
square Square by misfitoyin l i f e . in d e a th by gutterfaceDubai Butterfly . ... by light-from-Emirates
Cherry blossom by VforVieslav:thumb121225332:Pinky by SilentArtist08
Autumn Showers by TwiggyTeeluckfountain light by seraphRo:thumb109278699:sky by Spaceache
:thumb134323787:On the red carpet by WindyLifeto love thee by teresa-lynn
Somewhere Pink by Birthstone.:.......eskiden:. by neslihansSoft Pink by Birthstone
sunflower by IngeloreWater Can Be Glamorous Too by SarahJPhotography:thumb103204036:
'Time and Tide... by stormofsilence:thumb170929869:A long cold lonely winter by phferreira
:thumb113321899:looking through the curledit+1 by mysteriousfantasyBig Ben and by loobyloukitty
:thumb124206111:To the rainbow by cimengizem:thumb124335043:
Sky by ilpavone2004rainbow in the sky by LenaCramer:thumb166526847:
Delicate Lilly by mr-macdA Kiss by Dani-the-NaiadThreads for Fairies by Dani-the-Naiad
Because of You by Dani-the-NaiadDeep by xfallxoutxgirlsx.Giraffe. by mysticmoon13
Day 29: Nettie by Mi-MicheGroup of kids by BobRock99baby blue by sweet-reality-xo
ThE WiNgS... by Allandgr8-artLove is in the air by DragonDewGoldfish Portrait by Sarahorsomeone
Windows theme by Blo0DyOrChidButtercup III. by Storm-raiderbefore you fall 3 by mysteriousfantasy
Underside Crawl by Dani-the-NaiadAutumn Came by shadows-fang:thumb170557390:ring around the pollen by mysteriousfantasy
tree of light +edit+ by mysteriousfantasy:thumb172887831:out into nothing by mysteriousfantasy
Tombe by FrenchtownSports Make Me Smile by vampyreXatXheartBlossoming Bonsai by priteeboy
Someday by creativemikeyTemple by Al-BaumHidd by Al-Baum
natural curls by dreadedhippieNote-taking by nina-nightmare-x:thumb132312396::thumb173311789:
A Willow's Waterfall by creativemikeyColour and contrast by AlexBloodNorthern Exposure by creativemikey
Also, I'm having a couple contests!!! My 50,000 pageviews is coming up!
If you can catch it with a screen shot & show me, you win a feature!
My second contest is more complicated. The first step will be to send
me a photograph that you want to enter in each of the ten categories.
Kinda like a scavenger hunt. Rules: Must be new photos. Must be photography by you.
And you have to enter all ten categories, one photo for each. Be creative. & No cheating please.
Categories: 1. A unique flower. 2. Nature in motion. 3. A rainbow.
4. A family not your own. 5. One of nature's secrets. 6. Mother nature's smile.
7. A colorful sunset. 8. Mystery macro shot. 9. Creepy tree branches. 10. Raindrops.
I will feature the most creative entries in my next journal. Send links in private messages only please.

A Feature Of My Baby Cameron

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 19, 2010, 6:29 AM

Check out this video:…


My baby boy was born March 25th 2010 at 7:31PM. We named him Cameron Michael.
Momma Welcomes Baby by Rainbow826My Beautiful Baby Boy by Rainbow826Daddy Feeding Baby by Rainbow826
He was 7 pounds 12 ounces and 21 3/4 inches long.
Night Before Camerons Birth by Rainbow826Mommy Daddy And Baby by Rainbow826Love In My Arms by Rainbow826
Hes beautiful! I love my little family more then anything!
My Cuddly Baby by Rainbow826Gangster Baby by Rainbow826Napping With Daddy by Rainbow826
He is perfect. Cutest happiest baby ever. I love being Cameron's Mommy!
Big Baby Smiles by Rainbow826Baby At The Park by Rainbow826Napping With Mommy by Rainbow826
He's growing so fast. Almost 4 months old.
Happy 1 Month Cameron by Rainbow826Happy Easter Cameron Bunny by Rainbow826Teddy Bear Smiles by Rainbow826Its A Boy by Rainbow826
He's over 13 1/2 pounds and over 2 feet tall already.
Surprised Face Haha by Rainbow826Silly Cam by Rainbow826I Love Your Silly Faces by Rainbow826
He makes the cutest noises and faces.
Cameron Michael And Buffy Anne by Rainbow826Happy 2 Months Cameron by Rainbow826I Love Cameron Michael by Rainbow826
And he's got 2 little teeth coming in. I can feel them already.
DeviantID Summer2010 by Rainbow826Cam And His Duckie by Rainbow826Mommys Little Allstar by Rainbow826I Love My Little Family by Rainbow826
I love Mike & Cameron more then anything!! Always & Forever!
Jumparoo Baby by Rainbow826Red White And Blue Cam by Rainbow826Forever And Always by Rainbow826Happy As Can Be by Rainbow826
They make me happier then I have ever been!
Cameron And Ashton by Rainbow826Ashton Freya and Cameron by Rainbow826Cameron And Freya by Rainbow826
He even has cute little friends to grow up and play with.
My Little Man by Rainbow826Mommy Daddy Baby by Rainbow826Mommy And Baby Swimming by Rainbow826
I love you Cameron Michael, Im so proud to be your Mommy.
Chunky Monkey by Rainbow826Happy 3 Months Cameron by Rainbow826Heaven Sent by Rainbow826Cutest Face Ever by Rainbow826
And I love you Mike & can't wait to be your wife one day!

Baby Cameron

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 30, 2010, 2:51 PM
Cameron Michael Eckard
born 3/25/10
at 7:31pm
7pounds 12ounces
21 and 3/4inches long
Hes beautiful! I love my little family♥

Photography Feature

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 11, 2009, 7:48 AM

Here is a feature full of some random photography
that i fell in love with during the past few days
and wanted to share with everyone:
Hope you enjoy.

Leaves 3 by AertenSummer's over by euriphesdreamsweetheart by mohdfikreeWelcome to Infinity by soundlessw
fantasy in the clouds by mysteriousfantasy:thumb134524586:
Smiles by Aconitum-Napellus.:WHAT:. by onixa
nature_pure_14b by cmg2901HDR 4th of July by simple-squamous:thumb136007925:
Dreamlikeyou'llliveforever by cheerupitsdarienSeptember 09: Quincy 01 by panderbear:thumb136514965:
one's heart is light by AlicjaRodzikLipstick Lady by Frenchtown:thumb134959078:
holmes beach, anna maria islan by hi-dandelion :: Lightdrops :: by LiekLuna kitty by Amanda4411
:thumb136049587:Frustrare by ARTibsticTraLeFrasche by xXsilvbarisXx
Lovable by colorful-childImmortal by creativemikeyhis green eyes by xfallxoutxgirlsx
sky 292 by reesy1080Un Matin Mou by FrenchtownGorgeous Sky by JMFenner91
:thumb127240318:YellowBeginning by Rainbows-n-Moonshine:thumb136647662:
:thumb133437458:King of Carrot Flowers by meadowkiteNewborn by girltrippedTrainTracks by legond
.: T r u s t :. by NariscussMornings Kiss by wonenownleesun rays on purple pettals by Kayababe
:thumb134599038:Electric by KatherineDavisVolcanic Eruption by EmmaLoffler
:thumb133004089::thumb133247160::thumb135808891:Dancing stars by Nariscuss
A lily in the garden by CozyComfyCouch:thumb132414402:Crystal by Bandea-photos
to love thee by teresa-lynn:thumb136469139:AMID THE RAINBOW by Sandy33311

Photography is... [Ten Contest Winners Feature]

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 13, 2009, 9:23 AM

Thank you to everyone who participated in my contest either by entering or voting.
I hope you like the feature. Sorry it took awhile, i've been busy and not online much.

Feature is in the order of the poll contest winners!!
The top five got five rows of photos featured and bottom five got three.
Congrats to everyone!!!!!!
All your photos are beautiful and i enjoyed making this feature!!
Please take a minute and check out these photographers and there galleries.

I love photography!!
Photography is...

:winner::winner:103 votes:winner::winner:
enchanted by orbitingasupernova
wallflower by orbitingasupernovawhat? by orbitingasupernovabloom by orbitingasupernova
hibiscus by orbitingasupernovawish by orbitingasupernova
bokeh 2 by orbitingasupernovapollen by orbitingasupernovacherries by orbitingasupernovawater drop by orbitingasupernova
Sky2 by orbitingasupernovaChurch by orbitingasupernovafizzy by orbitingasupernova
lime by orbitingasupernova

A Story
:winner:60 votes:winner:
Golden Times by HA91
Not Looking Like Home by HA91Somewhere Over the Rainbow by HA91Standing Tall by HA91
There's Always Hope by HA91Special Message by HA91This is Home by HA91Blue Intricacy by HA91
Red, White, and Blue by HA91On the Edge by HA91In the Clouds by HA91
Twirl for a Smile by HA91Intense by HA91Purple and White Carnation by HA91
Gulls on the Prowl by HA91Mystical Mountains by HA91Tree Nymph by HA91

:winner:52 votes:winner:
Magnificent balloon by amorgano
Off to..where? by amorganosay sky hi five by amorganostarry twigs by amorgano
Picture perfect rainbow by amorganovitality by amorganoUltimate spectrum by amorganoThese reflections. by amorgano
A Bay is like a C by amorganofire1. by amorganoSway, sway by amorgano
meow. by amorganohearts on a chain by amorganocatseyes by amorgano
2 worlds, one universe by amorganoShadow of an eagle by amorganowhen you find a rainbow by amorgano

:winner:36 votes:winner:
Lake Louise by Jeana-M-Photography

:winner:33 votes:winner:
Above or Below? by mysticmoon13
Integrity by mysticmoon13As It Sets by mysticmoon13Innermost by mysticmoon13
Summer Breeze by mysticmoon13:thumb132987151:RIP Patches by mysticmoon13
Inexplicable by mysticmoon13The Radiance by mysticmoon13Dragon Fan by mysticmoon13
.:Music Is Life:. by mysticmoon13der Tod by mysticmoon13Indifference by mysticmoon13It's A Beautiful Day by mysticmoon13
:thumb110115702:Stationary by mysticmoon13World Spirit by mysticmoon13

:winner:19 votes:winner:
Mere 5 mono by faeriefly
Flutterby V by faerieflyI heart you Sis by faerieflySpider Lily III by faeriefly
Jellyfish III by faerieflyAlmost Poetry by faerieflyDaydreaming by faerieflyFlutterby II by faeriefly
Lily by faerieflyClematis by faerieflySimply Gerbera by faeriefly

:winner:8 votes:winner:
This Way by Gh0stM1ck
the house by Gh0stM1ckLast Ride from Kutztown by Gh0stM1ckHandleman's corner by Gh0stM1ck
After The Storm 2 by Gh0stM1ckblue city by Gh0stM1ckWicked Colors by Gh0stM1ck
Crimson Skiy by Gh0stM1ckDown Da backroads by Gh0stM1ckfire in the sky by Gh0stM1ck

:winner:7 votes:winner:

:winner:6 votes:winner:

:winner:3 votes:winner:
Meal by vampyreXatXheart
Painted Perfection by vampyreXatXheartCan Do No Wrong by vampyreXatXheartWhite Daisy by vampyreXatXheart
Love Is In The Air by vampyreXatXheartIce by vampyreXatXheartPink Flow by vampyreXatXheartWorn by vampyreXatXheartFrozen Drip III by vampyreXatXheart
Eaten Side by vampyreXatXheartPrickels by vampyreXatXheartDaisy II by vampyreXatXheart

Comments and feedback is appreciated.
:heart:Have a great day, I love you DA:heart:


If Everyone Could Please Check This Out

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 7, 2009, 10:50 AM

Please take a minute to look at a bunch of my photos from when i started DA till now. There not in any order.. My whole gallery is so huge and i just wanted to show some of my favorites that you might have missed.
Faves/Comments appreciated. Also looking for constructive criticism so that i can improve on my photography. I am not a professional and this is not my career so keep in mind i only do this in my spare time but its an important part of my life that i put a lot of time and heart into, so please be nice. :)
Thank you, I love you DA!!


Rainbow Of My Photography by Rainbow826

Dead Wishes by Rainbow826The Texture Of A Tree by Rainbow826 Nature Photography by Rainbow826
Happy Spring by Rainbow826Double Rainbow Fantasy by Rainbow826Rainbow by Rainbow826
Love Is All You Need by Rainbow826I Am The Sky by Rainbow826Towards The Blue by Rainbow826
Purple Flower And Bee by Rainbow826Spring09 DA ID by Rainbow826The Old Wagon by Rainbow826
Rainbow826 Deviant Artwork ID by Rainbow826R a i n b o w s by Rainbow826 Spring Collage by Rainbow826
Perfection On A Branch by Rainbow826Y e l l o w B e a u t y by Rainbow826Flower's Private Parts by Rainbow826Flower Blossoms Are Love by Rainbow826
Old Fashioned Time by Rainbow826Park Swings by Rainbow826Erie Canal's Creepy Bridge by Rainbow826
Nature Bubbles by Rainbow826Mother Nature by Rainbow826Holding On by Rainbow826
Signs Of S p r i n g by Rainbow826Clouds Of The Rainbow by Rainbow826Winter Tonawanda NY by Rainbow826Mother Daughter Flowers by Rainbow826
Coke Classic by Rainbow826And So The Lion... by Rainbow826 I H e a r t You by Rainbow826
Tree Framing The Sky by Rainbow826Blossom Tree by Rainbow826Flowers Framing The Towers by Rainbow826
A Story Told By The Sky by Rainbow826Creepy Cute by Rainbow826Bright by Rainbow826Pretty Water Falls by Rainbow826
Red Garden by Rainbow826Spring In The Sky by Rainbow826A Green Blade by Rainbow826
B l o s s o m  T r e e s by Rainbow826Love Is In The Air by Rainbow826Black And B l u e by Rainbow826Beautiful Blossoms by Rainbow826
Pretty Puppy by Rainbow826Cutie Face by Rainbow826Whats On My Head by Rainbow826
Playing Dress Up In Nature by Rainbow826Breakfast by Rainbow826Old Fashioned M e m o r i e s by Rainbow826
Beauty In Waterfalls by Rainbow826Waterfall Rainbows by Rainbow826Niagara Falls by Rainbow826
Princess Buffalina by Rainbow826Brown Eyes by Rainbow826In The Window by Rainbow826Handsome In Black by Rainbow826
Just Another Door by Rainbow826The Angles Of A House by Rainbow826Your Pink Door by Rainbow826
Purple Perfection by Rainbow826Purple Raindrops by Rainbow826Purple And Pink Sky by Rainbow826
Lexi by Rainbow826Glow Worm by Rainbow826Tracks by Rainbow826Skater Boy by Rainbow826
Looking U p by Rainbow826Beauty In A Bridge by Rainbow826Train T r a c k s by Rainbow826
The Beauty Of Sunsets by Rainbow826Beautiful Tonawanda Sunset by Rainbow826Walking At Sunset by Rainbow826
Skies On Fire by Rainbow826An Empty Classroom by Rainbow826Growing Spiders by Rainbow826
Stop In Black And White by Rainbow826Darkness Is Taking Over by Rainbow826I Love This Bridge by Rainbow826Campfire by Rainbow826
Loves Me, Loves Me Not by Rainbow826The Light In The Woods by Rainbow826 Yellow Perfection by Rainbow826
B e a u t i f u l by Rainbow826Pink And Purple Sunset by Rainbow826B a b y   G i r l by Rainbow826
Patrick's Eye by Rainbow826Laura Lee by Rainbow826Mister Adorable by Rainbow826
Easter Kitty Dressup by Rainbow826Purple by Rainbow826I Adore This Kitty by Rainbow826Beautiful Girl by Rainbow826
Fly Towards The Light by Rainbow826Beautiful Wings by Rainbow826Love Butterflies by Rainbow826
Not So Sweet Sixteen by Rainbow826B u r n by Rainbow826Flames by Rainbow826
B e a u t i f u l D a y by Rainbow826Romantic Blue by Rainbow826Beauty In The Sky by Rainbow826


A Rainbow Of Sunsets by Rainbow826

Some Updates And Features

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 26, 2009, 8:31 AM

First I want to say Thank you to DA and to everyone who shows me that my photography is worth all the time and heart that i put into it. I appreciate all the support from this site and from everyone who watches/comments/faves me. I love you guys!!
If your wondering, I've been doing really good, just busy and haven't been online much. Im sorry for not commenting everyone back. Please don't think that i don't care or appreciate my friends on here, because i do. I love DA. But I've been getting about 3,000 messages every week and its hard to get back to everyone. Every time i get my messages down, i get hundreds sometimes thousands more. Its crazy because I never imagined that people would like my photos so much. I'm not complaining at all. I love the messages, favorites, comments, watches... This site is so cool and the people on it are so sweet!!
But for awhile I might not be able to respond to everyone. I will still upload photos when I can, and I wont stop doing the features. If you want to be included in a feature, just ask. I love making them.
As promised, the winner of my last contest gets to be featured... so this is for you, Xac.
Ripple by TankooniMy Hat 3 by TankooniBeautiful Chaos by Tankooni
Clouds by TankooniBreaking Free by TankooniSpecial Treat by Tankooni
What some consider ugly... by TankooniThe Hidden House by TankooniHmmm by Tankooni
I Wish I Could Fly by TankooniHigher Perspective Of Death by TankooniGlasslike but still moving by Tankooni
Down This Road... by TankooniRusty Barrier by TankooniHouse On The Hill by Tankooni
The Other Side by TankooniUp Over The Hill by TankooniWhat Are They Watching by Tankooni
Stone Bench by TankooniBlending Into Others by TankooniWindy Grass Stuffs by Tankooni
The Tree and The Skyline by TankooniSploosh by TankooniMoonset 2 by Tankooni
Sunset Seen From The Bridge by TankooniReaper In The Clouds by TankooniOutside My Sister's Window by Tankooni
Intersecting Lines 1 by Tankooni
Other Features:
Keeping our love away by PutYourBraveFaceOn:thumb120998218:These Wonderful Things by wyslet.:Music Is Life:. by mysticmoon13
:thumb125857231:Dragon Fan by mysticmoon13:thumb121538796:
SpeedWay One by NuitariK:thumb112182078:Reflecting into Blue Sky by NuitariK
:thumb120094740:Every cloud has its story by PutYourBraveFaceOn:thumb125684066:
:thumb125857545:night life by fagmuTo us the world is different by PutYourBraveFaceOnVibrant Coloured Flower by NuitariK
:thumb125689061:Above or Below? by mysticmoon13Spring Colours by NuitariK
:thumb95095916::thumb120094857:girl on a boat by fagmu
colourful socks by weirdsubstancewill it rain? by weirdsubstanceThey Will See Us Waving by wysletconverse by weirdsubstance
Leftovers form Winter 2 by NuitariKDistorted reality by PutYourBraveFaceOn:thumb125684413:
vintage flowers by weirdsubstance:thumb126683830:tree by weirdsubstance
Hope you like this feature!! Have a great day!

Win A HUGE Feature!!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 24, 2009, 9:35 AM

:heart: thanks to everyone :heart:
Congrats to: :icontankooni:
Feature will be up soon:)


Who wants to win a feature???
You :)


Whats a feature?:
My next journal will be all yours!!
I will feature you in it with my favorites out of your gallery for everyone to see


How do i win?:
All you have to do is catch my page at 25,000 page views,
take a screen shot of it saying 25,000 and upload and send me the link.


How do i find your page views?:
Go to my profile, and on the top where it says my about me,
name, how long ive been on here and other info,
it also says the amount of deviations, comments and page views that i have.


Anyone can play along. Good luck :D

I :heart: you DA

Love Is All You Need by Rainbow826


Apologies, Updates, Thank You's and Love

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 9, 2009, 6:38 AM

Wow!!! I havent been on here in forever :(
I'm sorry everyone for not responding, updating, uploading anything, commenting or faveing anyone.
I've been so busy...

Over 8,000 deviations to look at, and over 2,000 messages....
and when i get the chance i will look at them all and respond to them all :)

Thank you DA and everyone who continues to watch me and support my photography :heart:
I love you all!!

I just havent been online much... Ive been working alot, trying to save my money
and also, i met this guy who's pretty amazing, this is the happiest ive been in over a year :)
It usually takes me forever to find someone i really like, but this time, im falling fast..
He makes me so happy and i really hope this works out :D

I :heart: Mike :) !!!!

and i got to see my younger brother graduate from HS, my mom and i drove to West Va and we saw him for the first time in 3 years!! :D
anddddddd im finally learning to drive and hoping to have my license and maybe a car this summer!!

Well im gonna check out these messages lol :)

Thank you everyone

I love DA

&&& I love spring!!!

R o s e by SarahJPhotographypurple and wishful by mysteriousfantasyPrecarious II by SarahJPhotography

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Thanks For 18,888 19,000 Feature Winners

Journal Entry: Fri May 8, 2009, 8:34 PM


Thanks for over 19,000 profile views!!! wow!!

This feature will be shared by the winners of my last contest:

:iconomiana117280: :iconkatiapsyche: :icontheblueleaf:

Hope everyone likes it!!!


You have to check out her gallery!!! I love this girl, and she's a great photographer too!!

:thumb121851610: :thumb112075640: :thumb119860806: :thumb114613954:
:thumb121733840: :thumb111577568: :thumb81399311:
:thumb117820985: :thumb118887376: :thumb118012505:
:thumb111566632: :thumb120185506: :thumb86512122: :thumb119529442:
:thumb121638283: :thumb108916518: :thumb121630173:
:thumb98273402: :thumb96822689: :thumb121164714:
:thumb102008927: :thumb94662720: :thumb79146200:
:thumb119610991: :thumb119814180: :thumb119611218: :thumb119813490:
:thumb104673396: :thumb121751210: :thumb120744415:



Another great gallery that everyone should check out!!

:thumb110411908: :thumb119646793: :thumb100793710:
:thumb109435746: :thumb115139176: :thumb116953171:
:thumb115139795: :thumb119886554: :thumb110487869:
:thumb121519507: :thumb116945825: :thumb109725200:
:thumb119889537: :thumb100794060: :thumb86375897:
:thumb72605673: :thumb67849590: :thumb72604940:



And another beautiful gallery full of amazing photos!!

:thumb87067399: :thumb121644686: :thumb96004778: :thumb86900520:
:thumb121074037: :thumb118460238: :thumb121073622:
:thumb92003958: :thumb120993484: :thumb121870523:
:thumb87194163: :thumb121644514: :thumb121871809: :thumb121088953:
:thumb118461705: :thumb118302642: :thumb103292219:
:thumb103291089: :thumb103294542: :thumb93351409:
:thumb119759124: :thumb120992220: :thumb119774961:
:thumb121878650: :thumb92002441: :thumb86992999:


thank you everyone!!


Catch my page views and win a feature !!!

Journal Entry: Wed May 6, 2009, 11:24 PM



Hey everyone :D

I already have an idea for a huge!! feature coming up, but its going to take awhile to put it all together, so until then.....
Heres a little feature contest

Catch my 18,888 page views and win a feature :heart:
Catch my 19,000 page views and win a feature for you and a friend :heart:

the three of you will share my next journal feature :)

Have fun

[[take a screen shot of my page views, upload it, & send me the link]]

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100 Random Facts About Me

Journal Entry: Wed May 6, 2009, 10:35 PM


I was bored
Here are 100 random facts

1. My name is Sheana, People also call me Shea or Rainbow.
2. I was born in Arizona on August 26 of '87.
3. I have a huge obsession for rainbows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. My favorite hobby is photography.
5. I love music but i only sing when no ones around. If i sing around you, feel special.
6. I love steak, sushi and seafood.
7. I love my job! I work in a photo lab.
8. I love irish accents.
9. My favorite movies are Twilight, PS I love you, Juno, Saw & many others.
10. I love japanese music and anime.
11. I hate country music but i love Taylor Swift. I listen to her every day. Her songs make me smile.
12. My favorite bands/singers are Taylor Swift, Korn, Deathcab for Cutie, Paramore, Flogging Molly & many others.
13. I sing in the shower.
14. I am against drugs and cigarettes, but i love the taste of Black Cloves.
15. My favorite drinks are Sky Vodka,  Smirnoff, Mango rum. Yummy mixed with cranberry juice.
16. I dont drink pop.
17. I hate racism, abuse, liars, cheaters, homophobia and drama!
18. I am strongly against abortions and the death penalty.
19. I think gay marriage should be legal.
20. I think too much.
21. My friends and family are the best in the whole wide world.
22. I've wanted to be a teacher since i was five.
23. I want a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24. I want a black lab long haired puppy.
25. My favorite names are Chloe, Ellie, Michael, Patrick and Edward.
26. I love babies and kids. I wish i could work at a daycare or babysit.
27. I am in the process of writing a novel. About 200 pages so far.
28. I go on Deviant Art and Myspace every day.
29. I am a huge nerd/dork and proud of it!
30. Honesty is very important to me.
31. My mom is my hero, my mother, and one of my best friends.
32. I get cold after i eat.
32. My arms shake when i'm stressed and only orange juice helps.
33. I have an Imac & a Toshiba laptop.
34. I love faeries, rainbows, wings and stars.
35. I have purple star tattoos on my hips and a rainbow and star on my ankle.
36. I'm scared of heights, centipedes, loosing loved ones...
37. I can't wait to get a car.
38. I love rice!
39. I miss my brother more then anything right now.
40. I can't wait to have my own family.
41. I love my cat Buffy Anne. She's so adorable!
42. I am greatly obsessed with Twilight everything!!
43. I hate labels, i'm just me.
44. I get stressed out easy. I get sad easy.
45. I'm usually a happy person.
46. My cat wears dresses.
47. I love kisses and hugs, and i love to cuddle!!
48. I'm five foot two and about a hundred and eleven pounds.
49. I love to walk.
50. I graduated from Niagara Falls High School and can't wait to finish college too.
51. I don't have a religion, but i find them very interesting.
52. I love to try new things and learn about different things.
53. I have a very open mind.
54. I love shopping. Hot topic, Hollister, and Victoria's Secret!!
55. Sunsets are beautiful, and so are clouds, flowers, and trees. I love nature.
56. I wish i could travel more.
57. I bring a camera everywhere.
58. I hate talking on the phone, but i love texting.
59. He doesn't know it, but i loved him, a lot.
60. My favorite color is purple, my favorite number is 14, and my favorite letter is Q.
61. I miss my best friends.
62. I hate time, goes too fast on my best days, and slow when it's boring or a bad day.
63. I can easily fall asleep to the sound of a clock ticking.
64. I like reading the tops on Snapple and Sobe.
65. I collect stuffed animals.
66. I have 5477 songs on Itunes and i have the most random music its amazing.
67. Cherry Blossom trees are beautiful.
68. I love rainbow candies such as skittles and nerds!
69. I love playing with Photoshop & Picnik!
70. I hate when people tell me i look young.
71. I have bad self esteem and i hate it.
72. When i get a car, i'm buying a gym membership.
73. I love being called hun, adorable, beautiful, and princess but only by certain people.
74. I'm easily amused, and easily distracted.
75. I hate depression!!
76. The perfect jobs would be something with children or something with photography.
77. I love candles.
78. When i was two i got stitches on my eyebrow from running into the wall.
79. I hate loneliness. Its a feeling i feel a lot lately.
80. I'm too forgiving.
81. I wish i had a nerd to spend my time with.
82. I love butterflies.
83. I like haunted houses and horror movies. Halloween is my favorite holiday.
84. I like horses and unicorns.
85. I'm going to live forever!!
86. The cutest sound is the purring of a cat.
87. I hope one day the world will have peace.
88. I love the beach but i can hardly swim.
89. I want two or three kids.
90. I believe perfection is an opinion and it does exist.
91. Wind is the worst weather condition. I like the rain, snow is pretty, and i love thunder and lightning.
92. My life began at 12:46pm.
93. People say me and my brother look like twins.
94. I'm shy until you get to know me.
95. Mangos and raspberries are my favorite fruit.
96. I'm always told that i smell like candy.
97. The best way to fall asleep is cuddling.
98. I can't sleep lately. I think way way too much.
99. Im trying to eat better and exercise more.
100. I really really want a blue car.

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Contest Information On My Next Feature

Journal Entry: Fri May 1, 2009, 12:58 PM

results are up :D


My next feature will be a contest!!!!
:dance: :hug: :boogie: :laughing: :love:

Deadline: Friday 5/1/09

How to play along:
Send me a NOTE [not a comment]
include in the note, thumbnail codes or links [if your not subscribed] for each of the ten categories
If sending thumbnails, send 5 in each note because of deviantart's rules only 5 thumbs will show up in each note, send 2 notes if entering 10 thumbs :)
and if you win for any of the categories, your winning photo will be featured :D

Please send ten thumbnails or links, or as many as you can if you don't have ten
They must all be photography, no other kind of art, sorry
No inappropriate photos... some of my watchers might be younger and i want everyone to be able to play along
All sent photos must belong to you
Have fun, this is only a game :)

If you have ANY questions, comment this :D

Contest categories:
1. Best self photo [photo taken by you of yourself]
2. Cutest/Funniest animal photo
3. Best macro [close up photo]
4. Prettiest sunset/sunrise/sky
5. Best collage
6. Best waterscape photo
7. Cutest couple photo
8. Most adorable baby/child
9. Best black and white photo
10. Prettiest rainbow

Example using my own photos:
1. 21309 Deviant ID by Rainbow826 2. I Adore This Kitty by Rainbow826
3. Purple Raindrops by Rainbow826 4. Purple And Pink Sky by Rainbow826
5. Rainbow Of My Photography by Rainbow826 6. Pretty Water Falls by Rainbow826
7. Prince And Princess by Rainbow826 8. Mister Adorable by Rainbow826
9. Erie Canal's Creepy Bridge by Rainbow826 10. Rainbow Waterfalls by Rainbow826

Thankyou, i hope you like this, and i cant wait to see the entries :D

comment this if you have any questions,
and send me your entry photos in a note!!
i don't want anyone seeing each others photos before the feature

Contest Feature Results May/09

Journal Entry: Fri May 1, 2009, 12:57 PM

Bubble-Gum Divider Bar by Momma--G

Contest Feature Results May/09

Bubble-Gum Divider Bar by Momma--G

First off, i want to say WOW!!
This went so much better then i expected.
I want to thank everyone who submitted photos to me, for playing along.
I liked getting to see more of your photography.
I got to see lots of amazing pictures in doing this contest.
And it was lots of fun seeing what everyone picked, and picking my favorites from them all.

I will be doing another contest feature for sure!! :) So keep watching my journals.

I also want to say, it was very very hard to choose
I loved all the pictures submitted but i couldn't chose them all lol
[[i chose by which pictures i thought were best, not by who submitted them]]
so if your not featured please don't be hurt or mad.
There's always next time.

Thank you everyone

Bubble-Gum Divider Bar by Momma--G

And here is the feature/contest results:
Hope you like it :D

Bubble-Gum Divider Bar by Momma--G

1. Best self photo:

:winner: 1st Place Winner: :thumb120660011: by: :icongurugu-mawaru:
I chose this photo for first place because i think it was the best self photo.
She is very pretty, she's smiling, and the colors look amazing.

:winner: 2nd Place Winner: She Listens Like Spring by JupiterLily by: :iconjupiterlily:
I really liked this photo because it makes me think of spring.
Pretty girl, great colors, nice natural lighting.

:winner: 3rd Place Winner: head in the clouds by dreadedhippie by: :icondreadedhippie:
This picture is so cool. I love how the sky is included.
And of course i love the dreads.

Bubble-Gum Divider Bar by Momma--G

2. Cutest/Funniest animal photo:

:winner: 1st Place Winner: Go Outside Now Maybe Please? by JupiterLily by: :iconjupiterlily:
I chose this photo for 1st place because i've always loved this photo.
How the cat is standing at the window is great.
Its cute and funny and thats what i was wanting for this category.

:winner: 2nd Place Winner: goslings by spyder007 by: :iconspyder007:
I had to choose this one because its a family. So so cute.
I love how you captured this photo at the perfect timing.

:winner: 3rd Place Winner: relax sweetie, its over by mysteriousfantasy by: :iconmysteriousfantasy:
This one makes me laugh every time i look at it.
He's cute even though he looks scared out of his mind,
and its so funny that he just stays and doesn't run away. Good cat.

Bubble-Gum Divider Bar by Momma--G

3. Best macro:

:winner: 1st Place Winner: Drop it by alvarola by: :iconalvarola:
This picture defines macro, it deserves first place.
The focus is great, water drops make some of the best macro photos.
The photo looks professional, like you'd see it in a photography magazine.

:winner: 2nd Place Winner: Lashes of ash by filtered-wish by: :iconfiltered-wish:
I find this picture simply amazing.
I love eyes, and the way you captured it looks so cool.
This is unique, beautiful macro.

:winner: 3rd Place Winner: Three by SzandorDuBois by: :iconszandordubois:
I chose this one because i think its really cool.
The focus on the plant is perfect and i love the background.

Bubble-Gum Divider Bar by Momma--G

4. Prettiest sunset/sunrise/sky:

:winner: 1st Place Winner: The Sunset Spectacular 2 by SpringsCrispWinter by :iconspringscrispwinter:
I love everything about this one. Beautiful sunset.
The colors in the sky even make it look like a painting.

:winner: 2nd Place Winner: Hell SKy by Gh0stM1ck by: :icongh0stm1ck:
I chose this one because i love clouds and i love how they look in this one.
Im used to seeing sky photos all bright and pretty, but this ones dark and still beautiful.

:winner: 3rd Place Winner: :thumb118601907: by: :iconerikarobinson:
I love how you perfectly captured the sky, clouds and a little bit of land.
Beautiful colors, such a pretty picture.

Bubble-Gum Divider Bar by Momma--G

5. Best collage:

:winner: 1st Place Winner: Flower Photo Collage by steelehearts by: :iconsteelehearts:
Beautiful flowers, great macro shots, pretty collage.
I like how you put this one together.

:winner: 2nd Place Winner: for the birds by dreadedhippie by: :icondreadedhippie:
Such a cute idea, and it makes me want to go to the beach.
I like this one lots. Very creative.

:winner: 3rd Place Winner: :thumb120309606: by: :iconkyra-illustrations:
Pretty flowers and colors.
I chose this one because i really like how its set up.

Bubble-Gum Divider Bar by Momma--G

6. Best waterscape photo:

:winner: 1st Place Winner: Stretching Water by Dani-the-Naiad by: :icondani-the-naiad:
I chose this one for 1st place because i thought it was the best waterscape.
Beautiful waterfall, pretty nature colors. I love this picture.

:winner: 2nd Place Winner: Out to dry by filtered-wish by: :iconfiltered-wish:
I love the color of this one, so blue. Very pretty.
The dark rocks and land in the distance break it up beautifully.
And i like the bird on the rock too.

:winner: 3rd Place Winner: fall.3 by vampyreXatXheart by: :iconvampyrexatxheart:
This one is not only a beautiful waterscape, but it has lots of pretty trees.
I think thats what got me. I love fall, The colors in this one are perfect.

Bubble-Gum Divider Bar by Momma--G

7. Cutest couple photo:

:winner: 1st Place Winner: Best Friends by teresa-lynn  by: :iconteresa-lynn:
I chose this one because it's cute and i like the smiles.
I love that it's of best friends.
And i like how its in black and white but still has such a happy feeling to it.

:winner: 2nd Place Winner: love is by dreadedhippie by: :icondreadedhippie:
I love sunsets, I love kiss pictures, I love the beach.
I had to choose this one, Amazing photo.

:winner: 3rd Place Winner: :thumb107583219: by: :icongurugu-mawaru:
I almost didn't choose this one because it's stock that was edited.
But the photo is so adorable and i didn't want to leave it out.
I like how you cropped and edited it. Very cute.

Bubble-Gum Divider Bar by Momma--G

8. Most adorable baby/child:

:winner: 1st Place Winner: Little emma by ToniTurtle by: :icontoniturtle:
This one really stuck out for me. I love the color.
The little girl is so cute and the photos you put together fit perfectly.
This one made me smile.

:winner: 2nd Place Winner: My Baby by VeLisLaVaa by: :iconvelislavaa:
This picture is so funny.  I really like it.
The pose and expression on his face are priceless.

:winner: 3rd Place Winner: Mr Giggles by Dani-the-Naiad by: :icondani-the-naiad:
I picked this one because i love the baby's smile.
Looks like he's enjoying that bath. Very cute photo.

Bubble-Gum Divider Bar by Momma--G

9. Best black and white photo:

:winner: 1st Place Winner: Love Is A Long Long Road by vampyreXatXheart by: :iconvampyrexatxheart:
I chose this picture because i love traintracks, especially in black and white.
I love how this one was taken, Great photo.
Id love to see this one in color as well.

:winner: 2nd Place Winner: Back Yard HDR by alvarola by: :iconalvarola:
The sky is what got me to love this one. So pretty, yet dark and mysterious.
I also like the path going up to the center of the photo.
And the trees look really cool too.

:winner: 3rd Place Winner: Seaing Stars by TreeHugger22 by: :icontreehugger22:
I love how this one was taken by accident. I think that makes it better.
I love how the birds look and the water, and i like the stars.
Great black and white photo, full of shadows and darkness.

Bubble-Gum Divider Bar by Momma--G

10. Prettiest rainbow:

:winner: 1st Place Winner: Somewhere Over the Rainbow by HA91 by: :iconha91:
This one is beautiful. I love the fact that you captured a double rainbow in the clouds.
I love rainbows so i was really hoping for some great ones, and this defines greatness.
Great photo, great photographer.

:winner: 2nd Place Winner: somewhere over the rainbow... by mysteriousfantasy by: :iconmysteriousfantasy:
The rainbow over Niagara Falls is one of the prettiest things every.
Beautiful picture. I love it.

:winner: 3rd Place Winner: :thumb98273402: by: :iconomiana117280:
I chose this one because the rainbow daises are so pretty.
And i like how you submitted something different, its rainbow but not a rainbow.
Really pretty picture. I want my own garden of these flowers.

Bubble-Gum Divider Bar by Momma--G

Thanks again everyone, really hope you like this and had fun :D
Happy spring!!

Bubble-Gum Divider Bar by Momma--G

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Hearts In Nature Feature

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 25, 2009, 9:28 AM

Hearts In Nature Feature


Thank you everyone, I love DA!!!
Hope you enjoy this feature:D

I H e a r t You by Rainbow826